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Caption for Leeds, The Fountain At Roundhay Park 1888: Because Roundhay was on the outskirts of Leeds, transport to the Park was difficult; those who did venture along the old turnpike road found a beautiful site - but it lacked basic facilities. To try to alleviate at least the drinking water supply, John Barran constructed this delightful fountain at his own expense (£3,000). A tramway opened to the park in 1891, and the fountain must have quenched many a Loiner's thirst. It remains to this day, but appears to be no longer connected to the city's Eccup reservoir.

An extract from West Yorkshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Leeds

I remember Leeds best as it was, now the new Buildings are ugly the beautiful area in front of the Civic Hall concreted over in the name of the Millenium they are destroying the beautiful Architecture and building monstrosities the Market is nothing like it used to be stalls closing all the time ,yes the Leeds of the past was wonderful

My mother, Doreen Hall (Nee Bilton), related these memories to me: I started nursing at St James’ Hospital, Leeds (Jimmy's) in 1948. I was 17 years old, the only one straight from school. I didn’t need any qualifications – but I had my school certificate. There were about three months of training before (...Read full memory)

This is a very evocative photo, bringing back many memories. I would point out that the image is of Leeds Town Hall not City Hall, Leeds has a Town Hall and a Civic Hall but not a City Hall.

I was born in Quarry Hill Flats, it brings back a lot of memories.

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