Memories of Leicester, Eastgates c1949

I was born in Belgrave, Holden Street in 1947 I. Have great Memories of those Wonderful days growing up their All the kids in our Street played together outside in all weathers, , In School Holidays we played simple games then,Girls swapped beads and played snobs, double ball and skipping too verses we made (...Read full memory)

The public house in this picture is 'The Eclipse'. I lived in the Eclipse as a small boy in the mid 1950s. My bedroom was on the top floor. I use to lie in bed at night and watch the Bovril electric sign across the road. My grandfather and grandmother kept the pub, their names were Charlie and Elsie Haigue. As small boys (...Read full memory)

I used to live in Cheapside, in about 1945.

RE: The Eclipse Pub My dad was never out off the Eclipse pub on Saturdays and Sundays and most nights in the 1960s. I remember standing outside as a small boy for about 2 hours for him to come out and take him home. His name was Charlie Crewe, and his nick name was 'Wagy'.

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