I Was Born - a Memory of Lewisham.

I was born at 6 Drysdale Road, Lewisham in 1955 - wish I could find photos of it. It was a nice quiet street where everybody knew each other; in fact my mum's sister lived opposite, my mum's other sisters and two brother in laws lived in the street and my step-father's cousin lived next door.

A memory shared by David Edgerton on Apr 20th, 2013.
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Sat Jul 22nd 2017, at 2:38 pm
cypress_road commented:
dont understand this site,whenI put in Drysdale road now it tells me it has no details of this. I think this is why the sie is going nowhere?
Mon Mar 13th 2017, at 4:04 pm
terryjoanne commented:
Hi all,
My sister June has introduced me to this site and its nice to see all the comments, as June has said we lived at no 35 and I was also married there and lived there with my wife Joanne for 3 years and our first son was born there. We moved to Sydenham having another son before moving to Norfolk where we have lived since 1969 and subsequently had a daughter.Look forward to seeing further comments. Regards Terry Beddow
Mon Mar 13th 2017, at 12:13 pm
Barry Weight commented:
Further to my last how could I forget dear ol uncle Donald (Don).
Mon Mar 13th 2017, at 10:57 am
Barry Weight commented:
Hello all,
Firstly I am so excited to have found this site.
I am the Grandson of Albert & Lou Weight who lived at no 31 Drysdale Road.
They had 6 children Fred, Harry, Albert (elbie), Mary (my mum) & John.
I have just spoken to mum & read all your comments to her, she is so excited to hear more as am I............
Look forward to hearing from you all.
can exchange phone numbers & emails if anyone wishes to do so-
I have included my email - barryweightis@gmail.com
All the best
Barry Weight (The Weights)
Fri Apr 22nd 2016, at 7:28 pm
jh2 commented:
Hi William,
O yes the book on a skate! We didn't see any danger did we, the children today miss out on so much. My husband lived in the flats at the end of our road and worked at Direct Haulage for a few years, so we can both remember these times well. We have a son and daughter and 3 grandchildren. I saw Barbara today and showed her this site so we had some time reminiscing. My dad kept chickens in the air raid shelter at the end of the garden and we liked to collect the eggs, but not so much fun when he was plucking them for our Christmas dinner in the scullery! O and what about sitting on the loo looking out at the moon! Too frightened to shut the door cos it was dark. Must be nice to live in the Isle of Wight, we have been there for a few holidays - Shanklin, Sandown, Ventnor, what made you decide to move there? How's Linda?, where is she living?
You say you are still working, what do you do? We are both retired now but still keep very active and busy one way or another.
June - jh2@talktalk.net
Wed Apr 20th 2016, at 5:55 pm
cypress_road commented:
Hi June,
Yes I remember all of those things ,I think Barbara was married before we left. Book and skate down the hill,and playing on the clinker mountain at direct haulage round the back.
Was always my job to get the winkles out of the shells,plus pick up
the horse droppings for the garden when the milkman had been.
(happy days Ha Ha)
I live onthe Isle of wight now, have done for some twenty five years
married with two grown up sons still working.
Let me have your email
Tue Apr 12th 2016, at 11:27 am
jh2 commented:
Hi Billy, I was pleasantly surprised to read your reply, don't really know how this site works and had a job getting back into our comments but have now saved it. Yes my sister married that Honda motorbike racer - I will tell her that - and they are still together after 55 years! I do remember the lamp post on the corner and how we used to play rounders on the crossroads there, making the 4 corners ours posts to run to. I also remember the winkle man coming with his cart on a Sunday afternoon and us having winkle sandwiches for tea. I was still in touch with Mary Dolan, 27 Drysdale, until she passed away a few years back. I remember your mum waiting at the back of the garden holding up the food bowl trying to entice the pigeons back. She was a lovely lady, I remember her well. I remember riding on a home made wheel barrow made from old bits of wood and pram wheels and whizzing down Lethbridge Hill, well it seemed like a hill to me! Which was at the end of Drysdale. We would hit the kerb and bounce off before dragging it back to the top by a piece of string for the next one to have a go, all cut and bruised knees. Although you are 5 years younger than me so you may not have done that - you don't know what you were missing! haha. A few years ago I went back, but Drysdale Road is no longer, there are all flats built there and the road has completely gone. Where did you move to?
Well don't know if I can get anymore in this space. All the best
June (or yes, it was Junie then (cringe)) haha.
Mon Apr 11th 2016, at 4:08 pm
cypress-road commented:
Hello June!
Seems like this site does what it said on the lablewhat a nice change. Great to here from you Junie ofcouse I remember your family I loved your mum,she was always nice to me.
Yes I was Billy but at 66 william sounds more grown up,although I most certainly have not.
I am sure you were all scared to go in the garden incase kept you talking for hours.
strange what you remember , your mum giving me black eyed peas? And your sister going out with a Honda motorbike racer, wierd , do you recall the lamppost on the corner?
look forward to hearing from you
Love Billy
Thu Apr 7th 2016, at 7:38 pm
jh2 commented:
Hi William,
You was my next door neighbour, I lived at no. 35 from 1945 until I married and the properties were demolished and remember your family well, but we called you Billy, your sister Linda, your Mum Ivy and dad Bill. You also had an aunt that lived (or stayed there) and a lodger - George? - that had 1 leg. Your dad had homing pigeons in the back garden. I lived with my parents - Lil and Bert and brother Terry and sister Barbara. Very happy memories. Names I remember - the Waites, Brundish, Dolans, Hastings, Mills. My mum kept in touch with your mum until she passed away. I now live in Kent. I have just come across this site, hope you read this.
June Beddow
Sun Jan 24th 2016, at 10:40 am
cypress_road commented:
Hello David,
I was born at no33 in 1950 you lived just across the road ,Like you I wish I had some photos of that period.
I seem to remember kenny edgerton ? I hope you spot this.
hope to hear something.
William Cole

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