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Memories of Leysdown-on-Sea

When I went to Leysdown in the 1960's there was a wonderful farm, we walked through the farm to get to the beach. It was lovely, for someone who lived in London, it was great. I saw cows up close, sheep up close, then we saw little chicks in the toilet block. I loved it back then. Went back to see the area a while ago, couldn't believe how run down it was. It was a mess! Such a pity!

I am from Brigend, South Wales, and for some reason my mother decided on our summer holidays to take us to the Isle of Sheppey, why at this time we would travel that (in those days) distance I do not know. I was 16 and my sister was 8. I remember staying outside a railway station overnight, sleeping in our old car, and (...Read full memory)

I remember the family going on holiday to Leysdown. It poured with rain. We arrived by coach from London and I helped Dad carry the cases to a chalet on a camp site. My main memory was seeing signs stating that certain beaches were unsafe due to mines. Barbed wire kept you away from the beach.

I spent the school holidays at my grandparents' bungalow 'Cartref' in Eastern Road just off the high street during the 1960s. They were Sid and Gert Burton and knew a lot of the local characters like Kipper Tom. I had wonderful times down there running wild around the Island and trying to win a few pence on the machines to buy chips. Happy memories.

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