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Caption for Lickey, Lickey Hills C1965: The Lickey Hills were declared a royal hunting forest in the 11th century, but they were sold by the Crown to the Earl of Plymouth in 1682. They were acquired by Birmingham Corporation through purchase and donation between the 1880s and the 1920s, and opened to the public. The Lickeys attract 500,000 visitors a year, some of whom climb Beacon Hill (975ft) to enjoy a view said to encompass 10 counties.

An extract from West Midlands Living Memories.

Memories of Lickey

During the 1950s many children from Birmingham and surrounding areas suffered with TB and chest complaints.  I can remember the doctor prescribed that I should have sun ray treatment twice a week and climb the Lickey Steps once a week.  Climbing these steps was really hard going, coughing and feeling breathless and with legs (...Read full memory)

In the 1901 census my great-grand mother was living at this place and was working at Stoke Priory as a domestic. I cannot find any information on this building, can anyone help?

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