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Named after the 17th-century London pleasure gardens, Ranelagh Street provides an important link between Lime Street and the now pedestrianised shopping centre to the north of Hanover Street. It also accesses the equally important Central Station junction (right), where the Wirral and Northern local rail lines interconnect. The station concourse now houses a small shopping centre, and the entrance has been relocated to halfway between the sign shown in the picture and Lime Street. Almost all of the shops have changed hands in the intervening years, some several times; but the eclectic mix remains, to the benefit of shoppers drawn to the area.

Other Memories from Liverpool

My mum grew up in Starfield Street, living, I think, above a laundry/wash house. Her surname was Cox and she had brothers, Tommy, Jimmy and Billy. I think the family lived there for 30 plus years until the middle 1960’s

My dad was born in Kensington and went to butler street school from late 40s to late 50s. His name is Kenneth jackson or just ken. He always talks of the happy days and all his friends. His mums name was Louise and his dad name was Tony. He had sisters, Margaret, Reeni and another sister though I can’t remember her name. I would love it if anyone remembers my dad as I’ve heard so much over the years about ...see more

Hello Audrey, I grew up in Starfield Street which was next to Berwick. We lived there from 1951 till ‘66 when I left home for university. I had 2 sisters, Diane and Christine. We all went to Butler Street school and went swimming in Boaler Street baths. Our family name was Houlton though my mum’s family had lived there previously. They were Pemberton. We used to play with Berwick Street children who lived ...see more

I used to live in Rolfe Street off back Molyneux Road. The houses there now have the Beatles names.Such good memories Pebbles..Capaldi..Kenny Cinema many more. my Mum used to work in a fruit shop called Hurst's. I have tried to find old pics of Rolfe Street but no sad. my ex Husband used to live in Thornes road OPP Kenny library. so many memories xx My name used to be Valerie MC Dowall

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