Liverpool, Speke Hall 1953

Memories of Liverpool

My name is Audrey Hinds, i grew up in Berwick street in the 1950's. If anyone was there and has memories of this time please contact me, it would be lovely to share stories.

I grew up in Tillard St. Kirkdale. I remember we always had to use the back door when we left the house as kids, so the neighbours would not see we had no lino in the hall. (probably no body else had any anyway) I was a paper boy for Joe Ballard who owned a shop in Tillard St., he paid us ten bob a week. I went to (...Read full memory)

My first job after leaving Our Lady of Mount Carmel school was in the accounts office of the well known Blacklers Department Store. The office only was located in Bold Street during 1953. The office staff relocated to the main store during 1953/54. I worked with a friend called Margaret Langshaw. We both left to work at (...Read full memory)

I went to Bankfield School. I left in 1975 and my best friend was Alma Knowles. Don't know what became of Alma as we lost contact. I would love to see her again to catch up on old times, she may be married so I don't know how to find her. I have tried Bankfield it was the best school I went to. When I left the school was named Hollylodge - it's now another school...those were the days.

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