Liverpool, Ss City Of Paris 1890

Memories of Liverpool

1956, I was brought up in Doon Street, Kirkdale, along with my 3 brothers and 5 sisters. We all went to St John's School, where we had Father Hopkins and Sister Mary Francis, we used to call them the dragons. If anyone is still around from that era I would love to hear from you. I read some comments (...Read full memory)

I left Quarry Bank in 1953 to go to America. I later found I attended when John Lennon was there. I have never understood why he was killed. I lived in Aigburth and lost contact with all my friends. I still think of Aigburth as home.

My name is Audrey Hinds, i grew up in Berwick street in the 1950's. If anyone was there and has memories of this time please contact me, it would be lovely to share stories.

I went to Bankfield School. I left in 1975 and my best friend was Alma Knowles. Don't know what became of Alma as we lost contact. I would love to see her again to catch up on old times, she may be married so I don't know how to find her. I have tried Bankfield it was the best school I went to. When I left the school was named Hollylodge - it's now another school...those were the days.

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