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Caption for Liverpool, The Exchange 1887: We see here the open area outside the Liverpool Exchange, which was known as Exchange Flags. It was a busy area thronged with those whose business was the buying and selling of commodities. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson was a hero to the merchants of Liverpool. His victories meant that they could ply their trade throughout the world with complete freedom. When he died fighting the French at Trafalgar in 1805, Liverpool sprang into action and erected a monument to him: that bronze monument is seen on the right of this picture. The inscription on it reads 'England expects every man to do his duty'. The statues and reliefs around it represent Nelson's four great victories: Cape St Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar. The figures are not slaves, but prisoners taken in those battles.

An extract from Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories.

Memories of Liverpool

Hello Audrey, I grew up in Starfield Street which was next to Berwick. We lived there from 1951 till ‘66 when I left home for university. I had 2 sisters, Diane and Christine. We all went to Butler Street school and went swimming in Boaler Street baths. Our family name was Houlton though my mum’s family had lived (...Read full memory)

I used to live in Rolfe Street off back Molyneux Road. The houses there now have the Beatles names.Such good memories Pebbles..Capaldi..Kenny Cinema many more. my Mum used to work in a fruit shop called Hurst's. I have tried to find old pics of Rolfe Street but no sad. my ex Husband used to live in Thornes road OPP Kenny library. so many memories xx My name used to be Valerie MC Dowall

Happy memories! I was born in Liverpool, 1947, but my father moved us down to Plymouth in 1952, where I'm still living. Because of all my maternal relatives still living in Liverpool we'd make frequent visits and I have fond memories of the trams, the last one of which ran in September 1957, two years after this photo. If I (...Read full memory)

I was born in red rock street I have many lovely memories of my childhood there sadly my sister and I had to leave when our mother died we have never forgotten our time there and as we don't have anything from our time as a family there we do have the memories of family times there the corner shop was on the next block to us (...Read full memory)

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