Llanbradach, Main Street c.1955

Photo ref: L283006

Memories of Llanbradach

Hello, this isn't my memory, but that of my grandmother, Jenny Jones as she was then who, as a young girl, was working in service on Ffrwd Farm in Maesycymmer. She was friendly with both of the brothers and in particular with Dai. I have some letters and poems sent to her by (...Read full memory)

Brought up in Thomas Street from 1947. I remember the cinema at the end of the street, and the Police Station next to the Llanbradach Hotel .As someone mentioned earlier, summer was spent at the outdoor baths, always freezing cold, next to the park. Days were spent out all day up the mountain nesting, making bows and arrows (...Read full memory)

I was born in Coedybrain Rd in 1948 and my family moved to School St. I remember going to the school until I was 6, when we moved away to a new housing estate. The school had a stuffed squirrel in a glass case. I was in the nursery class where we had a nap every afternoon wrapped in blankets. School milk was lined up on the (...Read full memory)

My grandparents, Ben & Polly Thomas, ran the pub opposite the Miners Welfare. I was evacuated there and I can remember on Saturday night, the US Servicemen would come along with their band and play in the pub. My grandparents had a white haired terrier called "Tim". Tim would come into the bar, the (...Read full memory)

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