Llanfairfechan, Welsh Groups And Costumes c.1930

Photo ref: L75349

Memories of Llanfairfechan

My mother as a young girl, together with her sister, were orphaned and found a home by a Liverpool society at Llanfairfechan. She remembered a plaque on the wall of the home to the young men who had died during the great war. She remembered the Balmoral Hotel as being very luxurious place to stay and the near (...Read full memory)

I used to work and study in Manchester for several years in the 1960's and frequently travelled back to my home town of Hatch End to see my girlfriend, Angela Chapuis. Sometimes she would come up north to see me. One wet weekend in April 1967 Angela and I set off from Manchester to visit North Wales in my old (...Read full memory)

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