Loughton, High Road c.1950

Memories of Loughton

The post office is now a pub named The Last Post and the cinema building is now a newer row of shops, but apart from that the buildings are almost the same, right down to the chimney posts!

This picture was taken further down the High Road from the Century Cinema and the Post Office, going towards the war memorial, and in these modern blocks there were several shops I regularly visited, including a hairdresser's.

three lads age 76 to 77 age are visiting the school tomorrow . We started in 1945 and 1946

Hi all. We moved to Debden in 1948, and lived at the end of The Broadway, there were only a few shops open during this time, Sainsbury's, the Post Office, Woolworth's and a Cafe. The only bus service was the 254 single decker that we caught to Loughton to do our shopping, there was of (...Read full memory)

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