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Caption for Louth, Eastgate C1955: This street scene has not changed very much except for the names of the occupants. The Whyte Swanne of 1612 is still there, and Peacocks have replaced the long-time Louth outfitters of Lawson & Stockdale at No 47(centre). Peacocks also expanded into the Prudential next door. Wilkinson's took over from Fine Fare (right) at the same time as the decorated art work on the pediment above the blank front was lost. Then comes Superdrug on the corner of Vickers Lane (formerly Post Office Lane), and then Argos. Barclay's Bank is still at 64 Eastgate (extreme right). As the railways since Lord Beeching's cuts do not visit Louth, the sign (left) pointing to the station has also gone.

An extract from Lincolnshire Living Memories.

Memories of Louth

I have fond memories of my Boys Brigade days in the huts at the rear of the chapel in Commercial Rd in the early 60s. Anyone out there with memories or photos would be please to hear from. Kind Regards, Dick Adams.

The wages and conditions were good and I enjoyed my time there. It bought me my first guitar from Jesse Halls. I remember one Saturday asking off time off to play cricket for the school, not only did the manager give permission, but he proudly informed staff and customers alike how proud he was.

I started work here when I left school in July 1974 and worked here till it closed in Feb 1975.

My paternal grandparents lived in Schoolhouse Cottages off Lee Street where we occasionally stayed on holidays, Christmas etc. There was an alleyway called "Pawnshop Passage", emerging onto Mercer Row by the bow window in the photograph (Stationers Shop then?), which we children used as a shortcut to the town centre, or (...Read full memory)

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