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Ludlow Photographic Memories

Ludlow Photographic Memories

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Caption for Ludlow, Dinham Bridge 1892: At this time in its history the Dinham Bridge was probably still known locally as the New Bridge. The present bridge was built in 1823 on possibly medieval stone piers, replacing a much older bridge. Sometimes in dry weather when the river is low the old piers can still be seen.

An extract from Ludlow Photographic Memories.

Memories of Ludlow, Dinham Bridge 1892

The Ludlow weirs were navigation Flash Lock weirs until the railways came to the Teme valley. Sailing Trows from the Severn worked up the river with wheat for the mills from Gloucester returning with flour for the villages and iron bar from Downton for blacksmiths downstream. An 1820's painting shows the old Dinham Bridge with (...Read full memory)

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