Luton, Composite c.1955

Memories of Luton

I also recall the days when the old tramp used to go around the bins in the old market hall looking for food, and old Les the deaf mute who used to hang around the taxi rank on Market Hill, he used to go to Warwicks fish shop on Park Square for the taxi drivers and get fish and chips for them. The good old days (...Read full memory)

I was born in Luton in the 1940s and remember well the shops in Manchester Street with WG Durrants butchers on the corner of Manchester Street and Bridge Street. Next door in Bridge Street was a garage and further along Manchester Street towards the town hall was Wilds sports and toy store, Faiman fashions and a pub called (...Read full memory)

I lived in Luton from 1958 - 1961 and attended the Grammar School. I have spent most of the rest of my life abroad but returned for a nostalgic visit recently. Luton in those days had a definite Victorian feel about. I remember going to the jug and bottle window at a pub opposite the parish church at age 14 and putting (...Read full memory)

I remember going with my Grandma Setchel to the Corn Exchange and going and having a cup of tea in the cafe there, and also the toilets. I also remember Park St roundabout and the dentist there where I had my first tooth out. Just down the road, on the other side, was the Cock Inn and a couple buildings further was the (...Read full memory)

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