Mablethorpe, High Street c.1955

Memories of Mablethorpe

I am sure in around 1985 above the shops, there was a night club/bar called Zebedees, can anybody confirm?

As a small child, I visited Mabelthorpe with my grandparents ,we used to stay with my great aunty Edith Langton, who lived on Seaholme Road and she had a great many chickens and goats.The sun always seem to shine, as we always remember our childhood summers. Mabelthorpe has always stayed in my memory as a great place with a (...Read full memory)

My first holiday: I was 21 with 2 small girls and lived with my mum and dad, as my husband left me while I was expecting my second child. We went to Mablethorpe as my aunt said the sands were great for kids. We all had a great time, that was in 1972 and then we went every year till my dad passed away in 1995. We (...Read full memory)

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