Old Maps of Machen

Historic Maps of Machen and the local area.

Memories of Machen

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How many can remember Machen. I was born in 1931. Now living just outside Cardiff. As you say," You can take the boy or girl out of the valleys but you can't take the valleys out of them. Let's test all memories. Do anyone remember the "Rectory Wood, the old foundry near the railway station,Bovil House,Jane Ann's cottage Draethan as it used to be.etc etc. Contact Byron Evans.

Hello Diane, How are you?I was born and brought up in Machen, 1 Brynhyfryd Terrace. Moved to Trethomas after marriage, lived in Lower Glyn Gwyn (1954) .The Glue Pot you talk about was the Lewis's Hotel (pub), do you remember the large yard? The pub that looked as if someone had it in their front room was the (...Read full memory)