Maesycwmmer, The Viaduct 1952

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Memories of Maesycwmmer

My grandmother, Nesta Thomas, was a boarder at this private school, after her father died in 1901. The Head Mistress was one Pollie, who was the sister-in-law of Nesta's father, David Sadwrn Thomas, who had been the Head of the County School in Abersychan. He had some involvement in Summerfield Hall, walking over (...Read full memory)

Born in 1949, was brought up in Maesycwmmer, lived in Vale View, went to the primary school, and later to Ynysddu Sec. Mod. My parents were Tom and Violet, siblings were Robin [who still lives in the village], Roger R.I.P. and Jane. I do recall the school annex being demolished and half the village found a source (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1958, onto the farm namely Gellideg Isaf of which now sadly only the farm house exists. The farm in 1958 did have some twenty one acres, and as I got to the age of eight I started to help my parents with the hay making during the hot summer months. I have great memories of people from all over the (...Read full memory)

My uncle & aunty (Ivor & Edna Cannan) lived in Maesy and as a school boy I spent many a happy holiday staying at 32 Pleasent View, which became Park Road. Most of the days were spent over the farm opposite playing with the farmer's son (Bruce) and my cousins (Gerald & Roy). It was in the late 50's when summer (...Read full memory)

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