Old Maps of Maids' Moreton

Historic Maps of Maids' Moreton and the local area.

Memories of Maids' Moreton

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I was born in a cottage opposite the Wheatsheaf pub when our village was greatly different from what it has become. I grew up in the proverbial English village. Happy days. I remember Baroness Kinloss, relative to the Duke of Buckingham , dressed all in black, knocking on our door to wait until there were no customers in (...Read full memory)

I remember spending part of school summer holidays here as my grandparents lived in the village, they were Robert John King and Florence Emma King, nee Stanton. I used to go across to the shop from their cottage on Main Street and buy 'Hubbly Bubbly', always pineapple flavour, I remember the Old Post office and Scotts (...Read full memory)