Old Maps of Maldon

Historic Maps of Maldon and the local area.

i was sent to The Gables from Boyles Court in Brentwood because I was a bit of a naughty boy. I liked it there, I loved Maldon, it has great memories for me as well as bad ones from the headmaster Mr Gosling becasue he was a one-legged bully, he used the cane very hard and very often, I hated him. I had a friend there called (...Read full memory)

I was at the Gables Boys Home for approx a year and a half, from 1966 to half way through 1967, I was taken there because I was always bunking off school, and the little tin god authorities in those days decided that was best for me. I have great memories of Maldon through the home; the marina which I think is (...Read full memory)