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Here we see Maldon's famous promenade— now Promenade Park—with a fine array of fishing boats; the tower of St Mary's church, with its landmark little white spire, can be seen in the background.Today, the adjacent leisure area has been developed.

Other Memories from Maldon

I moved aboard a small 2 1/2 ton yacht named Gulldreen in Dixon Kerlys yard along the Downs Maldon in the 1960's. This was while I was serving my apprenticeship at Hoffmanns in Chelmsford. I then bought the ex RNSA yacht 'Samuel Pepys' a famous racer which was written about by a previous owner Errol Bruce when she sat out a hurricane in the first Transatlantic Race. I lived aboard her for a year or so dreaming of ...see more

I was at the Gables Boys Home for approx a year and a half, from 1966 to half way through 1967, I was taken there because I was always bunking off school, and the little tin god authorities in those days decided that was best for me. I have great memories of Maldon through the home; the marina which I think is closed now, the boats, quaint little houses and cottages. I have to say that Bill Gosling who ran ...see more

Re Bob Warren. I was 11 yrs old in 1964 but was only there for maybe 6 months. Mr Goslin still had two legs then. I never saw him use the cane but I had a bunch of keys hit me round my head from his wife and a member of staff a few times - but I had that stopped after I had someone in to sort them out. We went on holiday to Yorkshire that year at Robin Hoods Bay etc; had a great time, stayed in huts like the ...see more

My family and I moved from London in 1955 to Maldon, following a visit the year before with our Sunday School outing, and we moved near to the Prom. We had such happy times living there and as children my friends and I used to roam the Prom, the nearby sea-wall, fields, woods, and country lanes, in fact everywhere, in safety. What freedom we had then. We spent many hours in the cinema watching the latest ...see more

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