Mansfield, Advertisements In Toothill Lane 1949

Memories of Mansfield

Can anyone remember the air-raid shelter on bull farm at the side of the school. I can remember we used to run across it when we were kids. I just wondered, do we still have any? We lived in the nissan huts, off where we used to call the Haullits estate, off what is now called Abbott Road. Do you remember them?

I was sixteen and my brother did the food for the Queen and all the MPs he got to meet her! I got so close I could touch her - it was the most fantastic day - followed by street parties that seemed to last forever.

I am trying to find old photos or maps of 50 Meden Bank, Station Hill, Nr Mansfield, from 1920's to 1935 any thing related to that area, where my mum grew up.She always had fond memories of growing up there.

I lived in Skegby and at Whitsuntide we would do the Whit walks. The first I can remember I was quite young and sat on a dray cart pulled by horses and decorated up with ribbons, and the older children walked behind the banner of your church and the bands. We always had new clothes for Whit; dress, shoes, hat, gloves ect. We (...Read full memory)

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