Old Maps of Markham

Historic Maps of Markham and the local area.

My maternal grandfather, William George Higgs, known as Bill to his family and friends was born in Abernant Road in Markham to George and Edith Higgs on the 11th of July 1925. His parents separated and at some point he moved to Bargoed to be with his mother. It was in the back garden of his mother's house at 38 North Road, (...Read full memory)

My name was Moira Davies and I lived at number 6 Bryn Crescent , I went to Markham Mixed School until 1957 when I was 15, Miss Jones was the teacher of the babies class , I remember Mrs Powell and Duncan Pembry and also Mr Morgan who taught the boys . My best friend was Wendy ,I can't remember her last name but she lived at the top (...Read full memory)