Old Maps of Menheniot

Historic Maps of Menheniot and the local area.

Hi. I was born in 1950 so the above date should actually read 1950 - 1965+. My maternal grandparents lived at Coldrenick (not in the big house) but close by in one of 2 bungalows on the estate. I spent many happy times at Coldrenick and often visited the dowager Trelawney at Coldrenick House. I was so sad (...Read full memory)

I remember your parents so well, running the shop. Your father used to add everything up himself out loud, and your mum was always so quiet and kind, with her long dark hair pinned up. And I remember they had a Ford Anglia car and I remember seeing them going out in their car on the afternoon the shop was closed, to the (...Read full memory)