Old Maps of Mevagissey

Historic Maps of Mevagissey and the local area.

I have researched my family tree and I am the son of a Henry Thomas Johns, who was part of a long lineage of fathers of the same name descending from Mevagissey. I think they owned 3 boats, Pet, Three Johns and Lizzy. I would like to know more about them and if there are any of our family still living there.

Names from left to right are Siah Longmade, Tommy Cloak, Bill Mills, Wilbur Hunkin, Harold Barber, Dick Nicholls, B. Over, Bill Joe Robbins, Jimmy Dunn and last Jim Bullen. Bill Hunkin is standing holding the little girls hand. By the wall, the man with the pipe is Willie Dyer and Cliff Nicholls is behind him.