Middlesbrough, The Transporter Bridge 1913

Memories of Middlesbrough

Seeing Norman Jackson's reflections on the teachers of Hugh Bell School conjured up all sorts of wonderful memories. I agree totally with his description of the two headmasters, "Taffy" Evans, the cane toting, foot stamping disciplinarian and Charles Harmer, a gentle man but with a persuasive manner. Mr. Evans at (...Read full memory)

A nice memory of Hugh Bell School was that at assembly each morning when the weather was fine, the old men would sit in the park outside to listen to our hymn singing. Hence "Old Man's Park". They had no money and their scruffy dogs were on bits of string while they filled in their time with nothing to (...Read full memory)

I lived in grove hill in the early 60s with my mum dad sister and brothers.my dad henry mcalpine,worked on the transporter bridge,we came down from Glasgow. unfortunately my dad passed away.as the house came with the job,we had to move out,so we moved back up to Glasgow,grove hill was a great place to live,i (...Read full memory)

My grandma lived in Stovin Street and I attended Westbourne Grove Methodist Church from about 1948 until 1956ish. I remember the hospital and the wonderful markets where we used to buy a penny bag of winkles. I also remember the Gem cinema (local flee pit but fabulous). Above the Gem was Central Mission, a very (...Read full memory)

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