Middlesbrough, The Transporter Bridge 1913

Memories of Middlesbrough

I went to MBHS in 1960/64 when it was up at Prissick Base, just moved up from the town adjacent to the Gazette Office and Teesside Poly or Constantine College as it was then. They have knocked down the schools at Prissick, as they did for Marton Road juniors where I attended previously. At least the old (...Read full memory)

My grandma lived in Stovin Street and I attended Westbourne Grove Methodist Church from about 1948 until 1956ish. I remember the hospital and the wonderful markets where we used to buy a penny bag of winkles. I also remember the Gem cinema (local flee pit but fabulous). Above the Gem was Central Mission, a very (...Read full memory)

I lived in Eden road grovehill from 1967-68 till 1972. We were a family of 10, i remember albert park and still go there. The park as changed alot though. Cried when we were took out of marton grove school and told we were moving. Best friends were Jane peirce and Janet station. Last year we lost our brother Brian Gunn at age 56. Great childhood memories from Eden road 😊

I remember my time at Hugh Bell Grammer School, it was a great school, I well remember the typing teacher he was ex Airforce and had a handlebar moustache. If anyone spoke during his lessons a blackboard rubber would come flying down the classroom. Another teacher we had used to dye her hair the same (...Read full memory)

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