Old Maps of Middleton

Historic Maps of Middleton and the local area.

My family was one of the first to live on Langley. I went to Domain School and Langley Secondry Modern. I worked at Thommys fish and chip shop the best chippie ever I worked with nice friendly people and we knew most of the customers, they were great and we had many a laugh - I will never forget them. I now live in St Annes, (...Read full memory)

I loved growing up in Middleton in the 50s. Except for the smell from the Pixie Pickle factory - always hated vinegar!. Late afternoon April 30 1954. Passing through the town were endless 'charrers' full of blue and white bedecked aliens with manic grins on their faces! These were Everton fans on their way (...Read full memory)