Old Maps of Millom

Historic Maps of Millom and the local area.

I was born in Market Street in 1939. Later, because of the war, my mum left me in Millom for my grandad and grandma Kirby to look after me. Mum went back to be with my dad in heavily bombed Manchester. I spent the war years here and they were very happy years. After the war I went back to Manchester, but came back to Millom for (...Read full memory)

The view is looking over Holborn Hill towards Black Combe. Holborn Hill is old Millom, the new part of Millom was built when iron ore was discovered in 1855 at Hodbarrow and the iron works was built and Hodbarrow mines opened. It then became a prosperous town with a population rising to 10,000 people. My memory is of (...Read full memory)