Mitcham, Fair Green c.1960

Memories of Mitcham, Fair Green c1960

just found this site, everything I read I can remember .I lived armfeild crescent I,m 76 now

We moved to Mitcham from Streatham in 1963. My sister and I went to St. Marks Primary School which was not too far from our home in Gaston Road. I remember my first teacher was Mrs Carmichael. What a lovely lady she was! It was a small school and I can remember the cloakroom with wooden benches, wire netting and pegs. The (...Read full memory)

I too have wonderful memories of going to St Mark's, the teachers I remember are Mr Freemantle, Mrs Carmichael, Miss Holmes, Miss Catherine and Mr Legg.  The headmistress at the time was Miss Bowley, who everyone was afraid of but I remember when she left and Mr Weatherley took over. The dinner ladies were (...Read full memory)

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