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Memories of Morecambe

I went to the Floral Hall with my school friend Linda Arnold regularly, we were 17 years of age. There were many groups just starting out. We met Brian Jones, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones when the Stones appeared. They wanted somewhere to stay overnight but as Linda lived in Lancaster and myself (...Read full memory)

Performed there in Royal Follies 1961 - can't remember all the cast but remember the tenor, Barry Harries, Jack Escott and his 'wife/partner', who was the choreographer. The comic Jimmy Malbourn, and his wife Joyce - they had a little dog called Sonny which they treated like a baby and it drove Herman (...Read full memory)

I appeared in the show along with other artistes, some of the names elude me. The show was produced by Herman and Constance Wells. I was the song and dance man! Mario Lanza was in the great Caruso at the cinema. Can anybody help identify some of the cast? There were four girl dancers. One speciality (...Read full memory)

I remember the Pier just before it changed in the late sixties when the arcade was built at the entrance. Before that it was a walkway divided by a wooden fence which can be seen clearly in this picture. As a child I would play on the sand close to the pier and I recall that the dancing was very popular. They always used (...Read full memory)

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