Old Maps of Mottingham

Historic Maps of Mottingham and the local area.

My name is Lesley I lived at 120 Houseland rd mottingham prefabs with my parents and 2 brothers and a sister , when i was six myself brother 18months older than me , my sister 5 years older slept in one bed while my mum & dad & baby brother slept in the other bedroom , left when i was ten & (...Read full memory)

My sister, Paula, and I lived in Blackheath. Early in the 60s every Satuday we were lucky enough to have our father take us to Mottingham Riding School. I remember the first ponies we rode - little fat Squibs, Brownie and later Calico and Optimist (my favourite). I remember Mary our instructress, we'd have a lesson (...Read full memory)