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This selection of vintage photographs shows some of our finest piers in their heyday, recalling their glory days when seaside piers were at the heart of the traditional British family holiday.

Memories of Mumbles, The

We moved to Thistleboon, Mumbles from the East End of London in 1968 when I was 7 years old and I fell in love with the sea. A fond memory of those far off summers is my friends and I jumping from the Donkey Rock at Rotherslade at high tide. You had to time your launch just right to catch the crest of a wave (...Read full memory)

Whenever I heard the words "The Mumbles" as a child, it conjured up a very romantic image in my mind. According to family history, my Great-grandfather Thomas Stokes proposed to my Great-grandmother Matilda Thomas there. I can just imagine them enjoying the lovely view and sea air and planning their future. They left (...Read full memory)

I was born in London, but my Mother came from the Mumbles, so several times a year we took the train from Paddington on our journey to Swansea. With a large family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, the sea, the beaches and the freedom, I thought I was in heaven! This photo of the Mumbles in (...Read full memory)

I have many happy memories of Mumbles Pier from the 1950s onwards. It was a place of Penny Slot Machines and there were lots of opportunities to spend your pocket money and have fun! I can remember the Laughing Policeman exhibit - a penny in the slot started a unusual and rather scary model of a Policeman, complete with helmet, (...Read full memory)

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