Mundesley, Beach Huts c.1965

Memories of Mundesley

I drove past this building yesterday and am sad to see what an appalling state in which it has deteriorated. I remember this Hotel in the 1960s when it was a hive of activity with a full complement of staff (just a few months ago I met the lady who used to be the Housekeeper there for (...Read full memory)

My dad worked in the Hotel Continental around 1973/74. He met my mother there and he has told me many stories about this beautiful hotel. He visited again recently and by all accounts it is in a very sorry state. That is why it is so nice to find this fantastic picture of the place. By all accounts, the large (...Read full memory)

I lived in these quarters in Fraser Crescent (No 4) in 1969/70 while stationed at RAF Neatishead. The prefabs were fully furnished and officially classed as sub standard accomodation and as such the rent was 2 a week which included a lorry coming each week to provide clean bed sheets. The RAF station was closed and the (...Read full memory)

The Parade Cafe & Amusement Arcade is on the left in your picture, My Father bought it for 5000.00 in 1956. It stayed in the family until my brother-in-law Billy Burrows sold it in the mid 1980's. Business-wise it was a goldmine, in those days it was one of the safest beaches on the coastline for 7 miles in (...Read full memory)

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