Old Maps of Mytchett

Historic Maps of Mytchett and the local area.

I was born at home in Coleford Bridge Road in 1935 and grew up there, went to school in Frimley and lived in Mytchett until emigrating to Australia in 1964. In those early days life seemed very simple, only a handful of cars, making street cricket safe. Every body walked, our nearest shops were through the bridle path to the (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Glenmount Roard at all? I live at Number 12. So far I have been told that the house I live in used to be a bottling plant for a dairy, and that the oldest house in the road is at the end...which used to be a Chinese Laundry. I am told they used to out the washing out on the bushes. I have also been told (...Read full memory)