Old Maps of New Addington

Historic Maps of New Addington and the local area.

I went to Fairchild school around 1953 and left in 1956. I remember Mr Hedges, Mr Fuller, Mr Morgan. Friends were Carol Strickland, Angela Stevens (married Les Jarvis) Julie Cook. I wonder we're they all are now. I went to Pitmans evening classes in Croydon when I started work for Commercial Union Ins. After a short (...Read full memory)

The mg midget in the picture belonged to an english teacher who was a bit of a snappy dresser .Always had matching flashy socks and tie , by the name of Mr smith . Not a bad chappy. Head master at the time Mr Ward drove an Austin Cambridge Cream/turqoise. Mr Anthony Fitness?athletics coach , drove a 3 wheeler bubble car cos (...Read full memory)