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Caption for Newark, The Castle 1895: Newark, which towers over the River Trent, became one of the finest castles in 12th-century England when the Bishop of Lincoln rebuilt the original timber fortress with one of stone. King John died at Newark Castle in 1216, having been poisoned some days earlier. The castle was slighted by the Parliamentarians at the end of the Civil War.

Memories of Newark-on-Trent

I lived in part of the Governor's house in 1973. The back of the house extended to where the car park access ramp is now, before the shopping centre was built. In the cellar were bread ovens and a bricked up tunnel that went under the market square - a number of tunnels apparently linked important buildings. (...Read full memory)

I loved swimming at Newark Swimming Pool..great memories of the smell of the water gushing from the fountain..and having a hot mug of Bovril to warm us up after our time in the unheated pool, for which we paid one shilling. The changing rooms, dark and cold, with stone floors, did not put us (...Read full memory)

I loved to sing, and asked when we were in school (Mount Parish C of E) if any of us girls would like to join the Church Choir at St Leonard's, as there was only three boys and a couple of mature males, left, so they decided to ask girls to join! So I and a few other school friends decided to give it a go, (...Read full memory)

Ernest C Rick was my Great Grandmother's first husband. He owned this Gents Outfitters shop in Stodman Street, now it is Bakers Oven. I don't really have any information about him, only that he married Florence and had 2 sons. If anyone knows any more, please feel free to leave comments.

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