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Memories of Newark-on-Trent

This hotel is mentioned in The Heart of Mid-Lothian by Sir Walter Scott written in 1817. Jeanie Deans is walking from Edinburgh to London and at Ferrybridge is advised to stay next at The Saracens Head Newark. Not anything mentioned about her stay but when leaving "Jeanie inquired what was her 'lawing'" "The (...Read full memory)

My first memory is when I was a toddler playing in the paddling pool with all the moms sitting chattering on the benches. When I was about seven (about 1972) I was allowed in the big pool but I could only just stand in the shallow end with my nose and chin sticking out of the water. There was a big fountain as you paid (...Read full memory)

I lived in part of the Governor's house in 1973. The back of the house extended to where the car park access ramp is now, before the shopping centre was built. In the cellar were bread ovens and a bricked up tunnel that went under the market square - a number of tunnels apparently linked important buildings. (...Read full memory)

Ernest C Rick was my Great Grandmother's first husband. He owned this Gents Outfitters shop in Stodman Street, now it is Bakers Oven. I don't really have any information about him, only that he married Florence and had 2 sons. If anyone knows any more, please feel free to leave comments.

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