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Memories of Newcastle upon Tyne

I was born in Moorland Crescent in the 1950’s. This council housing estate was built a few decades earlier and has a variety of different style good quality houses. Most people had nice gardens with flowers etc and we had vegetables and fruit bushes in the back garden. On summer nights it was not (...Read full memory)

I'm trying to discover any information at all about these two soft drinks producers, which I understand were from the Newcastle area; H. Rowe Ltd and Muters. Any help would be appreciated!

Ah well here goes! The old Grand Theatre plays a very large part in my early years (you will find I go on a bit about the place!). My dad owned the Grand and my first recollection of it was at pantomime time. Dad's Chorus Mistress said I could dance on with the other little children in the juvenile chorus. I had (...Read full memory)

It’s so strange that you can remember so many things from early childhood, all those years ago! And it still feels clear as if it was yesterday and they bubble up into your brain after lying there undisturbed in the pits of time with no effort from you..,such as finding a jar of Pond’s Vanishing Cream on the (...Read full memory)

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