Old Maps of Newdigate

Historic Maps of Newdigate and the local area.

Memories of Newdigate

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I was just 3 yrs. old staying in my aunt and uncle's bungalow in Newdigate, (they were working in a local munitions factory). My mother and baby sister were there from Sth. London with me. It was a lovely sunny day, I was in the garden playing when the Doodlebug engines cut out and it came down in the (...Read full memory)

I was four when my parents, Geoff and Pyll Kleboe, bought Keepers Cottage, Henfold Lane, Newdigate. A Mrs Thompson and her husband "Blackberry Jack" had lived there for many years and the property was very run down. With the talent of my maternal grandfather William Jones, over a period of 25 years "Keepers" was (...Read full memory)