Loscoe... A Whole Village Wiped Out

A Memory of Normanton.

My dad grew up in Loscoe, his parents and their parents too; my dad is 69 now. When I was a young un', there was only Mr Mason's shop, the old school and the Loscoe Villas still left in Loscoe - I am 41! Dad rented out the old school when it closed for his truck business and we lived a 4 Loscoe Villas. Most of the people who lived in Loscoe were moved to the purpose built houses in Ackton, they were all new houses, my grandparents also moved up there. My childhood was growing up having factories all built around us, Swifts, Sleepeezee, Britvic, etc. Mr Mason and his daughter moved to Normanton. My days were filled with playing on the building sites, over the road, messing around with making mud pies or pea picking for Bill Womersleys.. loved it! Then mum and dad bought me a pony where I kept it up at Womersleys farm. My sister, Sam, used to get up to all kinds too, the freedom we had at Loscoe was unimaginable. But it was lonely, dark and scary in that big house. Everything creaked and trees in the garden used to tap and scrape on the window in the wind. We had a goat and my dad was famous for walking it down the old Don Pedro railway lines, with two other dogs. I remember the playing field at the top near the lines before factories started being built. Then we had to move house; dad's business wrapped up and we went to Castleford Road because there were plans to demolish this last standing building along with the old school. Today... I pass regular the place where our old house was. There's a factory on top of it, but... the old tree that used to scrape on my bedroom window is still there! I always look, sit and grieve for my old scary house that I loved so much. It's so special to me; my husband proposed to me under that tree 5 years ago. I loved Loscoe, my dad has got a heck of a lot of stories and memories. I wish I could find old pictures and photos of the area of Loscoe, my dad would love them ......Hayley

A memory of Normanton

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I too remember Loscoe ..my grandad Hilditch and uncles lived there ...my Dad worked down the Don Pedro pit ...many happy memories of walking down the fields on the old railway ...fishing in the beck and feeding the poor old ponies which they brought up from down the pitforthe 2 week summer holiday
I moved to Loscoe in 1952 my dad worked at pit, and the Moorhouse family one brother and two sisters lived at Loscoe Villas.we lived at number 2 the first house, there was also a shop run by a family of brothers/sisters they seemed old to me then the eldest was Claira. I remember fishing in the beck and in the summer the gypses would camp on the field near the beck and we were told to keep away by our parents. We used to go through blue bell wood (whitwood wood) to visit my grandparents. and in summer would go for walks through the field and along the old railway tracks. and we kids would get anything we could sit on and slid down the muck stacks then go blackberry picking. We drove by there not long ago and I could remember every inch of Loscoe and as we got near to what is left of the wood I was glad to see a tree still there I have picture of me and my mother standing there, sadly she is no longer with us. I will ended this now or I will go on all night the memories are flooding back. I do believe I have some pics with my brother and cousins taken at Loscoe will have to get them out
Hi elaine,thats a great memory, dont stop would love to hear them all. My dad is 73 this year now, and he is Michael jones do u remember the family, winifred and bill, their children norah, marie, michael and sheila? Xx
I'm Sam, Hayley's older sister. Living in Loscoe between 1979 and 1986 were the best years of my life. (Aged 9 to 16). I was my happiest. Lakin' about with the Frith's who lived up near Loscoe Grange Farm. Making dens in the coal bunkers at back of Loscoe School (when my dad had it for his trucks). Playing on the bales of hay in the back fields. Going to Mr Mason's sweet shop...gosh I can smell the lovely aroma of that shop now. And Tate's shop on end of row on a Sunday with my dad getting his Tetley's and Newcastle Brown Ale lol. Playing pool in front games room of our house with friends from school. And sliding down the bannister catching our bottoms on spiral newel post at the end. A very special memory in our house was when we threw a party for Nan and Grandad Jones' 40th Ruby wedding anniversary. Friends and family came and Nan had her big grey fur coat on and was so surprised as they didn't know about the party. She shed a tear or two ...bless. Other fabulous memories were the bonfire nights we had. Mam used to make the most delicious food. We had a massive bonfire in side garden and friends and family came. I'll never forget that wonderful, special place. Precious memories.

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