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This view shows a virtually-deserted High Street in the undistinguished former colliery town of Normanton, three miles north of Wakefield in South Yorkshire. Normanton is thought to have Viking origins - its name means 'the town of the Northmen' - and earthworks nearby may be of Roman origin.

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Does anyone remember Dodsworth Institute, and where it was located? Presumably it was in the Woodhouse/St John's area

Does anyone have old photos of Baker Lane or Canal Road in Stanley, or any information about the Littlewood family that lived there in the early 1900's - please help if you can, thank you .....Peter Littlewood.

I've lived in Tyldesley, Lancs all my life, but I remember working in Normanton in 1967.  We used to travel all over the country, erecting sectional buildings. When in Normanton we built an extension on to the clubhouse of a local dog track [does anyone remember it?].

My dad grew up in Loscoe, his parents and their parents too; my dad is 69 now. When I was a young un', there was only Mr Mason's shop, the old school and the Loscoe Villas still left in Loscoe - I am 41! Dad rented out the old school when it closed for his truck business and we lived a 4 Loscoe Villas. Most of the people who lived in Loscoe were moved to the purpose built houses in Ackton, they ...see more

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