Old Maps of North Finchley

Historic Maps of North Finchley and the local area.

I'm interested in building a picture of my late father - Mr David Webb - who lived with his parents at 93 Friern Barnet Lane until he married my mum in 1957. I have inherited his large collection of classical 78rpm records - many of which were purchased from Sadd & Halsey at 821 High Road, North Finchley. I was just (...Read full memory)

Hello All, New on here, my name is John Carpenter, born 1949 in Palmers Green N13. Moved out to Welwyn Garden City, as a lot of families were, to the "new towns" just after the war. I did all my schooling there. I left WGC in 1964, moving back to New Southgate N11. Me first job was as a nailer, in the (...Read full memory)