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I was born in Brook Street in the end of terrace house next to Rooksby's, the butchers shop at the junction of Horsa Road, and lived there until I was married at the age of 21. My aunt (Elizabeth) Cis Luck and uncle Percival lived next door. Cis was my fathers sister. Our house was opposite the (...Read full memory)

I was born and lived in Hengist Road opposite Collindale Ave near Brook Street and the Rec as we called it, I'm Tony Messum and I shared with my Brother Michael, and Sister Patricia and my buddies were Dennis Roker, Jimmy Luck, Leslie Cowan, Keith Keeble, David Shovella, John,Richard, and (...Read full memory)

I am Peter Harris , now 72, attended the school from 1950-58. we lived at 80 Birling Rd off Colliers lane. My siste Jean worked in Walkers newsagents on Bexley Rd, and married John Smith who with his brothers had the carpet shop near the post office. My older brother Ray, was manager at the other walkers newsagents (...Read full memory)

My family lived in Emes Road quite near to the Heath and I went to Brook Street school. Like all the other people who have shared their memories I also remember that time with great fondness. All the shops on the Heath and the people who worked in them were so different to the shopping (...Read full memory)

My father ran the sweet shop on Bexley Road and Ramsden Road i think its name was for Mr Walker and as we lived above the Bexley Road shop i was born there - i remember looking out at the old club house watching the dray horses deliver the barrels of beer. My father became vice president of the new club (...Read full memory)

I used to work in the spar shop in Northumberland Heath which was next to wellingtons ,

My little bruvver Pete got hold of a book call 3 Cheers to North Heath - what a great little book! University Place in the 1850's; the Education Act; all the different teachers and so on. Such a lot of social history as well. My mum - Madge Masters, as she was then, (Wilson now) and her sister (...Read full memory)

My memories of Brook Street from around 1955 through to 1969 are numerous. Schooling at University Place and Brook Street primary, junior and senior school which I left in 1963. From one end to the other I must have walked it thousands of times. Playing around the stream way and getting sweets in the little hut at (...Read full memory)

WOW! I am Yvonne Blake (ne Hoare) the memories here are wonderful and yes we remember the Odeon where my sister Shirley and brother David went while I went to Burtons for ballroom dancing lessons. We lived at number 22 Manor Road with my gran and pa (surname Page), we lived opposite Coshall's shop and (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Len's butchers on the heath? or the Spar opening and Mrs Graham who worked part time in the cake shop? I have wonderful memories of my childhood, I'm 58 now but remember it all so very well.... and the cottage hospital where I used to end up all the time!!! Playing out and the path way to Erith by (...Read full memory)