Northwich, Marbury Hall 1898

Memories of Northwich, Marbury Hall 1898

I remember this beautiful building from my childhood and can remember how the old Northwich Rural Council ordered its destruction. To me this was an act of local aurthority vandalism never surpassed in the UK. The hall should have been handed over to the nation and then maintained by the newly formed Natioanl (...Read full memory)

In the 1950s ICI had what was even then a slightly old fashioned ethos - they cared for their employees beyond the workbench! In those days the workers participated in a share scheme which meant that workers benefitted financially from the company's successes. But more than that each Christmas this once great company (...Read full memory)

I am the co- author of 'A house with Spirit' a tribute to Marbury Hall, and loved reading all the comments about your memories at Marbury. I have lots of original photographs in my possession of the Hall and welcome any of you to contact me at any time, as I totally understand your love of Marbury. It casts a spell over anyone who has been there.

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