Old Maps of Oakwood

Historic Maps of Oakwood and the local area.

Memories of Oakwood

Read and share your memories of Oakwood itself or of a particular photo of Oakwood.

Among the lovely pictures of 1950s Oakwood is a picture of a lake in Oakwood Park for model boats which I used in the late forties and early 50s. Sailing boats there was a favourite pastime of my friend and neighbour (at the time) Alan Stewart whom is in the foreground of picture O105012. It must have had an effect on him as he (...Read full memory)

Anyone remember the Amelia coffee bar in Oakwood at the end of Station Parade shops, where the beat set would frequent in the early 60's, then the Mods as the juke box was popular and coffee with froth in glass cups? I lived at Hadley Wood and Oakwood was a stopping and popular rendezvous point, liked by all. I also (...Read full memory)