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Old Maps of Oban

Historic Maps of Oban and the local area.

Old map of Oban in 1906-1907
Map of Oban in 1906-1907
Old map of Oban in 1906-1907

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Oban from other years.

I went to the high school in 1958, and sooner than spend my shilling on school dinners, I would go to Joe Boni's and get a couple of woodbine and the best ice cream I ever tasted. Anyone remember Joe Boni's cafe?

Boomtown .On the bus back from OBan high school we all sang at the top of our voices We are some of the Boomtown boys we are some of the boys. .or girls...Then off the bus at Dunstaffnage Home for a peice..jam sandwich and out climbing hills trees or swimming in the burn it was. Picking hazelnuts or what ever berries were in season .Halcyon days indeed..