Old Maps of Orford

Historic Maps of Orford and the local area.

Memories of Orford

Read and share your memories of Orford itself or of a particular photo of Orford.

Looking at these photos of Orford, my main impression is how little Orford has changed over 70 odd years. Add modern cars and some colour and these views would still look the same. Our family spent many happy holidays in and around Orford between 1968 and 2002. We considered ourselves temporary residents for (...Read full memory)

This photograph features someone sitting on a bench in the foreground of Orford Castle.  It is a strong possibility that it is my Uncle Jim (James Ellis) Smy.  This was his favourite spot and he could be found sitting there catching up with his friends.   There are several legends attached to Orford Castle.  The most famous is (...Read full memory)