Ormskirk, The Victoria Water Tower, Greetby Hill c.1955

Memories of Ormskirk

I remember the old school on Wigan Road, it was called Ormskirk Cross Hall High School. It has now been demolished and replaced with a newer building.

I was put into Ormskirk Orphanage at the age of 2 around 1952 and wonder if anyone has a photo of this place (inside or out) or any information, as I am doing a family history. Margaret

I moved to Ormskirk in the 1960s from St Helens. My name was then Whitehead - one not to be forgotten! I remember Mr Henderson, he was a gentle man. I loved my class teacher Mrs Sykes, she read lovely stories at the end of each day - I looked forward to this time, which is maybe why I adore reading now. I wonder if (...Read full memory)

I lived just around the corner in County Road and was About 2 hundred yards away when the bomb dropped.I would take issue with the writer Mona Duggan in her excellent book in the Francis Frith history of Ormskirk when she says that only one bomb landed on Ormskirk and that there were no deaths. This bomb fell (...Read full memory)

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