Oxford, Summerton Infant's School Children 1924

Memories of Oxford

One of the many items on the Oxford "tourist trail" is a weekend long folk festival which is supported by dozens of morris dancing sides from all over England. This year Whitethorn Morris appeared for the first time and brought a huge side of 12 dancers and almost as many musicians! The (...Read full memory)

This photograph is taken from the playing fields of Magdalen College School and shows the Botanical Gardens.

I was evacuated from London to Oxford with Burlington School on 1st September 1939. At first we had our lessons in the old Milham Ford School premises but after a few weeks transferred to the new school in Marston where we shared the classrooms and facilities but were kept as a separate school from the Milham Ford pupils. Both (...Read full memory)

This view shows just one of the many venues for the 2010 Oxford Folk Festival, a weekend long festival of music, song and dancing including a grand parade through the city on Saturday morning. Thousands of residents and tourists looked on as hundreds of performers from all around the country provided the (...Read full memory)

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