Old Maps of Oxhey

Historic Maps of Oxhey and the local area.

Memories of Oxhey

Read and share your memories of Oxhey itself or of a particular photo of Oxhey.

I first saw Oxhey in 1956 when I would take the train from Hatch End to Bushey & Oxhey station (as it was called then) on Saturday afternoons to see Watford play football at Vicarage Road in the old Third Division South. The station is just around the corner from this photo. Chalk Hill is no longer a two way (...Read full memory)

I used to go to Oxhey school which was opposite Bushey and Oxhey station.  It had outside toilets and a little bike shed with a bench where we used to play ball against the walls.  There was a church (which I think is still there) where we sung hymns and such. Or maybe it was the church hall, too far back to remember it (...Read full memory)