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Kent Photographic Memories

Kent Photographic Memories

The photo 'Paddock Wood, Loading Hops for the Oast Houses 1950' appears in this book

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Caption for Paddock Wood, Loading Hops For The Oast Houses 1950: Pokes being are loaded onto a horse-drawn wagon for carting to the oasts.

An extract from Kent Photographic Memories.

Memories of Paddock Wood

Not sure how long I went with my grandparents, then when they passed away my parents, but I was born in 1941 and I know we were still going there until we migrated to Australia in 1961. We 'lived' in the first hut on the right as we walked over a small bridge onto the common, double storey, and mattresses of straw (...Read full memory)

I remember visiting the mill many years ago as my mother had an uncle who worked there, and often went into the house on the right which then was the mill´s offices. Everyone used to buy Viv Wood's fish and chips wrapped up in newspaper, they were really delicious. I was at school with Margaret the (...Read full memory)

while hop picking with my parents at a farm in paddock wood in the early 1950s i was badley burnt when a petrol stove exploded farm name not rememberd spent 6 months in the burns unit at a hospital in east grinstead i wonder if anybody remembers this event roy furze

Paddock Wood, in particular Beltring, the home of the famous Whitebread Oasts, was the centre of the Hop Gardens of Kent. The Gardens were set out with rows of elevated wire tressles which were supported at intervals by poles. In the spring, from each hop plant, which was cut back to ground level every year, the shoots were (...Read full memory)

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